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As you may know, the Covid lockdown has necessitated the need for us to move our club nights to virtual events, and we know that this temporary arrangement has been enjoyed by so many of you over the last year, with numerous asking how they can help, appreciating that these virtual events have removed our ability to fundraise through our monthly raffles.

In response to this, we have set up this new ‘Donations’ feature and are welcoming donations to help cover the club’s running costs and to help fund our free raffles which we run during our virtual club nights.

If you would like to support the club in this way, you can choose from a variety of options from a single donation with 3 alternative amounts provided to simplify the process, or if you prefer, you can donate any other sum by using the ‘Custom Amount’ feature.

Raffle Bonus

We know that many of you enjoy getting involved in the Folk Club Raffle, but are not always able to attend our virtual club nights, for those of you who decided to make a regular monthly donation of any amount, your name will be included automatically in the Raffle Draw whether you are able to attend the Virtual Club Night or not, so making a monthly donation could be a win win for you and the club.