Cruden Bay Folk Club Virtual Club Night on 28th May

If you attended the Virtual Club Night on Friday 28th May, you must have wished you could watch it all over again as the caliber of performance on that night was amazing!

Well, the good news is you can as we are delighted to post both haves of the show for your further enjoyment.

On the other hand, ff you were unable to attend the live session, I promise you’ll enjoy these recordings from our 2nd Virtual Club Night.

We’ll be doing it all again soon, so watch this space for more information about our next Virtual Club Night.

First half

Scott Thomson: 01:19
Marion McAulay: 09:40
Russell Taylor: 14:23
Christine Cruickshank: 21:45
Andy Clucas: 28:24
Charlotte and Fergus: 34:20
Gordon Mackay: 37:10
Emma Forman: 40:27
Clarky Innes: 46:43

Second half

Phyllis Gentle: 00:00
Dave Cherry: 07:15
Tangus: 10:49
Gareth James: 16:10
Janet and Scarlet: 20:25
Ian McAulay: 28:46
Elphen: 34:32
Ailsa Dixon: 42:29
Aye Tunes: 47:34