Cruden Bay Folk Club

Kilmarnock Arms Hotel

Usually Last Friday, Every Month Currently canceled due to Covid 19

Now meeting virtually every 2nd month, next Friday 28th January

Coming Attractions

Virtual Club Night on Friday 28th January from 7:30pm








Cruden Bay Folk Club have been meeting at the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel in Cruden Bay, since October 2012. Regular club nights are held on the last Friday of every month from 9:00 pm, until around midnight and it’s not a bad idea to have a meal at the hotel before hand, that way you can be sure of a seat when things busy up later on, to reserve a table just call the hotel on 01779 812213.

The format of the evening is usually played out in two halves, the first half being a more structured open mike session with individual performers invited to play to the audience, during this section a PA system is available. There will then be a short break during which time there will be a wee raffle to raise funds, prize donations are always very much appreciated.

Obviously it’s difficult to know in advance how many players might turn up for a slot in the open mike session, on busy nights we keep the mikes open into the second half of the evening to ensure that every one who wants to, can perform their piece, then finish things off with a session when everyone can get involved.

Although called Cruden Bay Folk Club, we welcome a much broader range of musical genres with an anything goes attitude to what performers can choose to play.

So if you can make it to Cruden Bay on the last Friday of the month you’ll be made most welcome at Cruden Bay Folk Club, so get the date of our next meeting in your diary and we’ll see you there.

Check out our facebook page for club night feedback.

Club Nights

Covid Cancellations

Virtual Club Night

Individual Performers


Workshops and Concerts

When you think about it, we’ve done a lot to be proud of since October 2012.


Friday 9th January – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Friday 26th February – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Friday 26th March – Virtual Club Night from 7:30 pm

Friday 30th April – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Friday 28th May – Virtual Club Night from 7:30 pm

Friday 25th June – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Friday 30th July – Virtual Club Night

Saturday 28th August – Session in the Kilmarnock Arms Beer Garden from 4:00pm

Friday 27th August – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Friday 24th September – Virtual Club Night

Friday 29th October – Cancelled due to Covid-19

Friday 10th December, re-scheduled from 26thNovember – Virtual Club Night

Friday 28th January or 25th February – t.b.c.

We created this little video trailer, which features the Folk Club anthem ‘Cruden Water’, to help us promote up-and-coming events, as you can imagine, it hasn’t been put to too much use during the Coronavirus lockdowns, however, we have started fighting back by holding virtual club nights, and the feedback we’ve received regarding this little video has been great.

We held our first club night in 2012, back then the club was meeting in the Lounge Bar of the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel, and more recently, prior to covid-19, our club nights have been held in the dining room of the Killie, a warm and welcoming space which is ideal for our regulars and visitors. The club has met regularly since 2012 and over the years we’ve captured some great moments on video which you can check out by visiting our video archive page, just click here.

Div ye like a thochtie o the doric ?

Fowk Club committe member Jill MacWilliam has been developing her ain website tae celebrate aa things Doric.
Includit on the doric future website are muckle o interesting articles interviews an a pucklie music.
If ye like a thochtie o the Doric, ye can get tae aire bi clicking here.

We thocht ye might also enjoy their short film ‘Far We aa Bide’ whilk is showcased in the 2021 Doric Film Festival, jis click the image opposite tae find oot mair an watch the film.

You may have noticed that we have introduced a ‘Spotlight‘ section to the website, the idea being to spotlight the stories of individuals connected in one way or another to the Folk Club. As we have been holding virtual club nights throughout 2021, we thought it might be a good idea to feature one of the ‘Spotlight’ stories in our December programme. On this occasion we turned to Dave Cherry who has a great story to tell about the man who taught him to play guitar, and how later in life he played an important job to do in helping let others hear something of his tutor and dear friend Davie Speirs.

Slokit Light - Shetland Lights

by Bratach Bana | Shetland Lights

Bratach Bana – Fund Raising CD

In 2006 a group of local musicians formed a band called Bratach Bana who recorded the highly acclaimed album, Shetland Lights.

At the heart of Bratach Bana was our Folk Club Secretary Scott Thompson, who along with 5 other talented performers launched their seminal album at the 2007 Stonehaven Folk Festival.

Cruden Bay Folk Club is pleased to announce that we now have in our possession the remaining copies of this fantastic album and they are now on sale through the club for just £5.00 (plus post and packaging if required), with all proceeds going towards the club’s charity fund.

If you’d like to hear the title track, just use the audio player. If you’d like to hear more you can order a copy by clicking on the ‘Buy Now’ button below, or by emailing, we’ll get in touch to sort out your order.

Looking for more like us ?

Scotland has a rich wealth of musical talent and has clubs like ours in every corner of the country. We are delighted to share information and contact details on other clubs so if you’d like us to link to your website just drop us an email at

and well be delighted to give you a shout-out and share your details with our visitors, perhaps we could ask you to reciprocate by linking to our website from yours, you know it makes sense.

A Traditional Music Library: - A large collection of traditional, folk, and roots music with lyrics, chords, sheet music and midis. Includes Bluegrass, Old-time, Irish, Scottish, Country, Children's songs, Christian, Session tunes etc. Also large collection of music theory, reference and research works.

Folk Club Workshops

Our workshops run throughout the year and including popular drumming and singing events. They are generally held in the village or at St.James’ church, and are always well attended.

Keep an eye on this page or on our facebook page for the confirmed dates of future events, our next drumming workshop will be in February, dates to follow soon. Here are a few links to previously held workshops so you can get a better feel for what it’s all about.

African Harmony Singing with Bruno from Zimbabwe

Drumming and Percussion Circle

Singing Workshop

Harmony Singing Workshop

General Workshop Advert

General Workshop Advert #2

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