Cruden Bay Folk Club Virtual Club Night on 25th March 2022

Another gathering of the CBFC community for the 7th Virtual Club Night, the 1st anniversary in fact of life online, which was once again supported by our regular, and a couple of new performers, check out  this video and enjoy the entire programme again.

On the other hand, if you could not attend the live session, I promise you’ll enjoy these recordings from our 7th Virtual Club Night.

For all of our planned events, check the calendar on the home page


Scott Thomson and Dave Cherry: 00:01:14
Bill Buchan: 00:08:56
Emma Forman: 00:16:10
Janet and Alison: 00:19:28
Russell Taylor: 00:26:27
Lorraine and Larry Forsyth: 00:31:36
Ian McAulay: 34:32

Scott Thomson and Dave Cherry: 00:42:31
Shawn Timothy: 00:50:36
Morag Sinclair: 00:58:58
Lisa Buchan: 01:01:10
Phyllis Gentle: 01:07:37
Christine Cruickshank: 01:13:50
Siobhan McAra : 01:20:20
Gordon Mackay: 01:25:16