Cruden Bay Folk Club Virtual Club Night on 26th March 2021

After 12 months of lockdown, constraints saw the postponement of our folk club for a whole year, we decided to hold our first ever Virtual Club Night on Friday 26th March 2021, over 50 people attended the event and enjoyed the setlist which was delivered by the 15 performers below. The club committee would like to thank all of those who joined in and helped make the night so enjoyable.

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Kris Orskov 00:00:00
Scott Thomson 00:07:13
Andy Clukas 00:17:43
Ian McAulay 00:24:00
Christine Cruickshank 00:31:13
Dave Cherry 00:39:06
Emma Forman 00:42:00
Russell Taylor 00:48:32
Shannon Stevenson 00:55:41
Gareth James 00:59:43
Janet and Scarlet 01:09:21
Phyllis Gentle 01:14:21
Brian McAulay 01:20:25
Brian and Gordon 01:25:20
Gordon Mackay 01:29:35
Bundy 01:32:05