Cruden Bay Folk Club Virtual Club Night on 24th September 2021

Once again our regulars pulled it out of the bag with yet another great evening at Cruden Bay Folk Club’s virtual event which was well supported by visitors from all over, if you were one of them and fancy a repeat performance, you can do so now as we are delighted to share the entire programme on the same night as it was performed, how’s that for service?

On the other hand, if you were unable to attend the live session, I promise you’ll enjoy these recordings from our 4thVirtual Club Night.

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Scott and Janet 00:01:14
Russell Taylor 00:11:53
Christine Cruickshank 00:19:11
Gordon Mackay 00:26:54
Andy Clukas 00:31:21
Jill McWilliam 00:38:37
Ian McAulay 00:44:21
Emma Forman 00:51:17
Phyllis Gentle 00:57:51
Bill Buchan 01:02:49