A Selection of performances from 2012 -2020

All of the videos on this page were recorded during our club nights before 2021, are archived here for posterity and your enjoyment.

The video featured on this page ‘Cruden Water’ features our club anthem, with a little bit of ‘borrowed’ footage to add some context to the beautiful song written by our very own Scott Thomson.

If you’ve collected video clips from any of our club nights which you like to have us post on this page, please let us know, get it to us, and leave the rest to us. In the meantime, why don’t you have a look at some of the acts who have performed at our club nights since we started back in 2012.

The Club Anthem

Cruden Water

Folk Club Trailer (2020)

Cruden Water

The Fonsecas (2020)

Auld Lang Syne (Reggae Version)

One Voice (2016)

The Parting Glass

One Voice (2016)

Follow The Heron Home

Scott Thomson (2016)

A Night in The Glen

Scott Thomson (2016)

Shetland Lights

Scott, Ewan, Kenny and Angus (2016)

Ashokan Fairwell

Tansy (2015)

A Little Welsh Song

One Voice (2015)

Zulu Song

Club Regulars (2015)

The Melting Pot

Andy and Michael (2015)

She’s My Favourite Girl

Scott (2015)


Tanja and Angelika (2015)

A German Courting Song

Michael Rochon (2015)

The World On A String

Michael Rochon (2015)

Jazz Piece

Ewan, Caitlan and Fiona (2014)


Scott Thomson (2014)

Turnin’ Peterheid

Dave and Ewan (2014)

Fire and Rain

Scott Thomson & One Voice (2014)

The Diamond Crew

One Voice (2013)

Ye Jacobites

Russell (2013)

The Galway Shawl

Scott Thomson (2013)

The 12 Days of Christmas

Dave Cherry (2013)

The Hobo’s Lulaby

Mark and Nigel (2013)

When The Boat Comes In

Leila (2013)

It Was On A Starry Night

Ewan and Gordon (2013)

Raglan Road

Folk Club Regulars (2013)

The Session

Folk Club Regulars (2013)

The Session (The Dance of Angus)

Scott, Ewan and Kenny (2013)

Elenor Rigby

Dave Cherry (2012)

Draft Dodgers Drag

One Voice (2012)

The Sound of Voices Three