House Rules

  1. Live Music: We do not allow the use of recorded backing tracks for singers. We do however appreciate that some people learning to play an instrument may practice with backing tracks, and as we are keen to encourage new talent to perform at our club nights, we do in this circumstance make an exception.
  2. Open Mike Protocol: We ask all performers to respect the time constraints we usually face when pulling together our open mike running order during our regular club nights. It’s important that we limit mike time to the song performance time only, without performers feeling the need for long intros or anecdotes as part of their performances.
  3. Be courteous and respectful to performers and other audience members: While the performers are on stage, please refrain from talking, making noise or using electronic devices, as this can be disruptive and disrespectful. Heckling, drunken, and otherwise disruptive or disrespectful behaviour are not permitted.
  4. No sharing of recorded material without permission: Recording of performances is permitted if for personal use only. Any audio or video recordings should not be posted on the internet or shared elsewhere without the express permission of the performer and the folk club committee. The Folk Club does reserve the right to upload selected recordings to the Folk Club website, but respects the performer’s right to request the removal of these recordings at any time.
  5. Respect the venue: Please do not damage or deface the venue, and dispose of any litter or rubbish appropriately.
  6. Follow fire and safety regulations: In the event of an emergency, please follow the fire and safety regulations of the venue.
  7. No smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the venue or in any designated non-smoking areas.
  8. No outside food or drink: Outside food or drink is not allowed in the venue, with the exception of water bottles.
  9. Closing time: Last orders at the bar are at 11:00 pm, and entertainment has a hard stop at 11:30 pm when all members and guests are required to pack up and move out as quickly and quietly as possible, respecting the comfort and privacy of hotel staff and guests.
  10. Have fun: Finally, enjoy the music and the company of fellow folk music lovers!