Cruden Bay Folk Club is proud to showcase talented individuals who have connections with the club, just click on the images below to check them out.

In 2006 a group of local musicians formed a band called Bratach Bana who recorded the highly acclaimed album, Shetland Lights, which they launched at the 2007 Stonehaven Folk Festival.
At the heart of Bratach Bana were frontman Scott Thompson, bass player Kenny McKenzie and band manager Gordon Mackay, and the three of them went on to be founding committee members of Cruden bay Folk Club.

The REBO’s came together in 2007, formed by regulars of the Kilmarnock Arms Hotel in Cruden Bay. A coming together of friends with a shared love for ‘Pub Rock’, everything from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and beyond, although in fairness the material thins out a good bit the nearer you get to current music! Nearly 15 years on the band is still doing what they do best. 4 of the band members became founders of our Folk Club.

Folk Club committee member Jill MacWilliam has been a lifelong promoter of her Doric heritage. In 2018, along with Gordon Mackay, they set about creating a website to present her video archive compiled over 20+ years, but to say their project grew horns and tails would be an understatement as it has become a wide-ranging, multi-media platform and a focal point for kindred spirits around the world.

At the age of 16, Ewan was the youngest founding member of our Folk Club. He studied music at UHI majoring in composition and has had his work performed at the Barbican and by the LSO. His piece ‘Soliloquy‘ was used as the soundtrack to Doric TV’s entry for the 2021 Doric Film Festival. Ewan works as an educator and creative mentor, both independently and has also tutored in cello and composition at The Rhythm Box.

Cruden Bay Folk Club has been a meeting place for musicians and singers since 2012 since when it has been the catalyst to collaborations and the forming of new bands. A great example of this is The Fonsecas, formed out of club regulars who came together to create some wonderful music, much of which was captured in their album ‘Where the River meets the Sea’ which is a reference to the place they met, Cruden Bay.

Angus McCurrach is yet another founder member of Cruden Bay Folk Club, a talented and versatile percussionist who has made a huge impact on many people, both through his role as the drummer with The Trybe, Scotland’s favourite Pictish flavoured music group, and also through his work with Hugga Drum who work with all community groups, folk with special learning needs and corporate teams.

Folk club regular Andy Clukas has been at the centre of many of the collaborations formed out of CBFC. A prolific performer and songwriter, his energy and drive have been a signature component in many of the projects he has worked on including The Oxbow Lake Band and the Fonsecas, both of which have recorded and released material. Buchan Sunsets is another example which highlights Andy’s talent and versatility.

A North East loon from Rosehearty with Reggae in his bones headed South to Glasgow to see where his music might take him. Clark Innes soon found others like him with a love of Reggae music and he formed the band Albaroot.
Since leaving Rosehearty nearly 40 years ago, Clark has kept his broad Doric tongue, which features proudly in the work of a man with a Doric heart and a Reggae soul.

“As a bairn growing up in Peterheid, I didna realise that ivryday I was making and gaithering memories that wid come back to serve me well in the years ahead”. Inspired by the memories of his childhood, and of growing up in the North East of Scotland. Bill now lives in St Combs and has been collecting Folk Songs for most of his life, many of which he shares with us in his YouTube Song Book.

Dave Cherry, another founder of Cruden Bay Folk Club, was happy to be involved in bringing the work of his first guitar teacher and dear friend Davey Speirs to a new audience when he converted copies of his original vinyl album and original tape recordings onto digital formats. The end result is a real treat which we are sure you’ll enjoy whether hearing it for the first time or being reintroduced to the unique sound of Davey Speirs.

As 2022 is our 20th Anniversary year, Gordon Mackay, our club webmaster thought this might be a good time to reflect on the club’s journey to date. He uses the club’s website itself as a reference point and included in his ‘Spotlight’ is the earliest footage we have from any of our official club nights which was recorded at our 2nd session in November 2012, as well as other classic recordings from the first 10 years of CBFC.

The Fiere Deems is the latest incarnation of Cruden Bay Folk Club’s all-female voice choir. With its roots stretching back nearly 10 years, the female members and friends of Cruden Bay Folk Club have joined together in voice and friendship to produce many memorable performances. Now meeting every Tuesday evening between 7:30 and 9:00 at T.A.R.D.E.S. 29 Golf Rd, Cruden Bay.

Sir-Reel Clarks, are from Aberdeenshire, Scotland. With a rich musical heritage that spans generations, Aaron, Andy, Kyle, and Chantel come together to create a unique sound that blends different styles and genres of folk music, from Scottish to Irish. Music has always been a part of the Clarks’ family tradition, and it was after Aaron inherited his grandfather’s melodeon in 2019 that he discovered his passion for playing music.

DGBK – is not a Korean Boy Band with a combined age of 64, but are in fact a Cruden Bay Old Bloke Band with a combined age nearer 280! Dave, Gordon, Brian and Kenny, have played together in various line-ups over the last 4o years, and are founder members of Cruden Bay Folk Club. Their latest project is centred around the preparation of songs to play during monthly club nights, but there is a lot more to this particular story….